Friday, 16 December 2011

Doctor Who poster

This is an image I was asked to create for the latest SFX Doctor Who Special. What they wanted was large scene which included all of the Doctors to date (that's eleven of them) and all of the monsters that had ever appeared in the entire series since it started in 1963 (I think). Before I'd done any research I thought there'd be a couple of dozen monsters to draw so I agreed. Then I started to Google and realised that I'd given myself a bit of a challenge.
Anyway, after wading through the available Whovian archives and gathering my reference material I got stuck in and eventually produced this image. Don't bother looking for K9. I didn't include him 'cos he's not a monster.
If you want to buy a signed copy of this poster, you can contact me on-
I'm selling them in two sizes- A3 for £10 and a monster A2 for £15 plus postage and packing which comes to £3.96 for both sizes in the UK. The first hundred or so posters come with a free piece of the original black and white artwork as all the monster and Doctors were drawn separately before being assembled and coloured in Photoshop.
Hope you like it!

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